Health Savings Accounts

2018 HSA Limits- Increased contribution limits for all!

Here are the updated HSA Limits for 2018 as set by the IRS.

Download (PDF, 138KB)

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2016 HSA contributions

Now that 2016 has begun, check your current payroll contributions into your HSA(health savings accounts). The maximum for individuals is $3350 which is no change from 2015.  The maximums for families is $6750 which is an increase of $100 from 2015.  If you are 55 or older at the end of 2016, you are eligible for the catch up provision which allows you to contribute an additional $1000.  If you and your spouse are both 55 or older, you can each take advantage of the extra $1000 but you would each have to have your own HSA account.

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